All of the lights! “In 2017, the top ten events in the forging industry” is coming out freshly

After more than a month of soliciting, voting and counting, the “TOP TEN EVENTS IN THE FORGING INDUSTRY IN 2017″ was finally coming out!  Out company won the top three with “October, Qingdao hongda company EP-4000 electric screw press for mass production”, which was recommended by more than 10,000 readers and netizens.

On October 13, 2017, the EP-4000 electric screw press developed by Qingdao Hongda company in 2016 completed shipments,marked the Hongda company for mass production of this type of products become the only one in domestic industry. So far, the domestic market share of ep-4000 electric screw press has been accounted for 80%. Realized energy saving and green forging.

The outstanding contribution of the chairman of Qingdao Hongda Metal Forming Machinery Co.,Ltd has been recognized by the forging industry and has been awarded as the outstanding person of the forging industry in 2017.


Post time: May-18-2018

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